Take the Stairs
Doctors have proven that there are benefits to the cardiovascular system from short spurts of exercise which elevate the heart rate. So get off the elevators and escalators and take the stairs. The thighs are a large muscle group which requires a large amount of oxygen. This will cause the heart and lungs to get a real pump. You will also burn more calories, which will help you to lose weight.
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Kevin started competing in bodybuilding competitions in March 1980. For ten years he traveled from the east coast to the west coast, from Miami to Buffalo competing on an amateur and national level. Kevin competed in the AAU Jr. USA and the Mr. America in Tucson Arizona in 1987. After competing in Arizona, he began doing personal training at various gyms from Richmond down through Chesapeake, VA.

In July 1990, he qualified to turn professional in the bodybuilding arena, but opted to open his own personal training studio. In February 1991, Body Sculpting Inc. was launched. The Body Sculpting principals and techniques developed by Kevin Parrott and his staff, have been tried and proven, safe and effective, by literally thousands of clients ranging from age 8 to 80 years of age, male and female alike.

In May of 2006, Kevin decided to merge the Body Sculpting Hampton location with the old Marty’s Gym ( a well established local gym since 1983) and Xtreme Muscle Gym was born. While Body Sculpting was strictly personal training by appointment only, now individuals have the option of training on their own in the open gym, or hiring a personal trainer still using the Body Sculpting principals and techniques. Body Sculpting Inc. is still serving the community at our location on Warwick Blvd. in Newport News, VA and Xtreme Muscle Gym is thriving in the Hampton community, turning out several bodybuilders and female figure champions.

Kevin is still competing in bodybuilding and winning. He continues his quest to help motivate, encourage, and guide as many people as possible to live a clean, healthy lifestyle. He also accepts personal clients. Please contact Kevin at sculptyourbod@aol.com.

You can catch Kevin live on Wavy TV-10 Midday News, on the first Tuesday of every month with health and nutritional tips for you.

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